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The GeACAM was established over 15 years ago . Since the very beginning the
organization was a great success in the healthcare system of Georgia. Over 100 000
individual patients received medical services of the head of the association alone and
many more by other member physicians. Besides the clinical services provided to the
patients the president of the organization is one of the leading avant-garde
researchers in such sciences as clinical medicine, biology, ecology and physics. A
number of the published research papers by Mr. Nadareishvili are available in
international databases of medical articles. All of the research projects were
managed on the bases of different institutions such as Genetics School of the Tbilisi
State University, Institute of Life Sciences and Physiology, Ecology Research Center
and others. Even more novel progressive original research proposals and projects are
in development stage and need technical resources for their realization and
accomplishment. In 2005 the central department of the Association merged with the
newly opened IMEDI Clinic. An effective and trustful partnership was established
and since the beginning of 2011 the two medical facilities are united in a newly
constructed building. The clinical facility provides some basic laboratory and
instrumental diagnostic tests.
The organization has been providing free services for different population groups,
among them internally displaced persons, oncology patients, socially vulnerable
population and others. This resulted in good relations of the IHAG and such NGOs as
“Peaceful and Business Caucasus” and “Gali District - Tomorrow’s Day”, which are
representing IGP rights and interests in Georgia. With cooperation with the Georgian
Red Cross Society the association took part in many charity event’s providing
physicians and healthcare specialist consultations and giving out free medicines to
different rural district populations. Activities like these are intended to continue in
future with primary healthcare and certain pathology screening services.
We have a conclusion that it is absolutely vital for homeopathic research to
coordinate the clinical trial and results with quantum physics principles. This causes a
misunderstanding from our companion the scientists  with whom we manage the
experiments. It becomes clear that different cell functions can be inhibited or
stimulated, depending on the necessity or established task, (both animal and plant
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