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1. Development of the CAM representative network in the country, involvement in charitable activities in order to improve the state of population health.
2. Working-out a law base in order to establish the legal status of CAM and physician practice.  Organization and management of the healthcare system integrating CAM systems, based on scientific data. Providing practical and methodological help for scientific research projects management. Solving the problems related to an optimized, integrated approach of CAM use, together with other governmental and non-governmental organizations in the country.
4. Development of contacts and relations. Working -out of cooperative, integrative treatment methods together with conventional medicine institutions.
5. Development contacts with foreign and international organizations. Cooperative organization of conferences, exhibitions, symposia, trainings and other events in order to share practical and theoretical knowledge and experience.
6. Establishment and development of educational and research activity.  Preparation of necessary literature, translation of foreign literature and its publication according to the law.
7. Holding educational courses, one-time lectures and business meetings. Involvement in charitable activities.
8. Management, participation and realization of international, national and regional projects and programs in order to develop preventive measures and general population health improvement.
9. Professional consolidation. Unions’ and individual specialist relations development, support and strengthening.
10. Creating an environment for effective realizations of members’ creative potential, in order to develop medical theory and practice.
11. Protection of the members’ professional, civil, social, author copyright and related rights, representation of their rights to certain legal structures.
12. Establishing scientific ties with other specialists and organizations of other medical directions, including development of international relations.
13. Coordination and arrangement of clinical, fundamental, healthcare and other research; statement of national CAM priorities.
14. Creation of proposals for healthcare development, improvement of medical services to the population, CAM research, and their exchange with interested organizations for consideration.
15. Independent public scientific expertise for state and private programs, projects and inventions.
16. Scientific method and practical support for management of CAM as a part of the healthcare system. Solving any problem related to the optimization of CAM method operation. Together with the governmental organizations.
17. Improving knowledge and qualification in related fields of studies of the union members.
18. Sending the members, scientists, medical practicians, students and master degree or PhD candidates for studying, practice and research to foreign scientific and medical facilities. Enrolment of persons working or interested in CAM.
19. Means of mass information foundation, publishing activity: preparation and publishing of specialized scientific journals, compilations, monographies, encyclopedia, and popularized scientific releases.
20. Informational-consulting activity. Management of a database related to CAM, public health and conventional medicine and biomedical science.
21. Monitoring of the status of regulation of CAM practices, the potential obstacles for regulation of CAM practices, the governmental supervision of CAM practices, the reimbursement status of CAM practices.
22. Monitoring of the status of registration and market authorization regulations of herbal and homeopathic medicinal products
23. The specific objective is to explore global trends in TM/CAM policy related to research and development (R&D). Based on the global trends for TM/CAM R&D, this report will provide recommendations to the government on the future research investments and policy on TM/CAM.
24. Assisting the citizens, providers, policy makers and other stakeholders to arrive at informed decisions about CAM they should have a reliable information regarding:
· the use of CAM in the state
· the attitudes towards the modality in question among the citizens
· the safety of a specific modality or procedure and an understanding
· the level of acceptance among a group of providers and funders
· the effectiveness of a CAM modality in clinical practice
· its economic sustainability
25. Popularization of homeopathic and other complementary and alternative medicine (further CAM) disciplines in the country. Protection of physician rights and interests in relation to the internal law base, and international organizations.
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