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მთავარი გვერდი
George Nadareishvili, a multidisciplinary researcher and the leading homoeopathist
of Georgia, was born on Dec 8, 1955. Has been working as a doctor homoeopathist
for over 20 years.  During this time, has received hundreds of thousands of patients
(minimum 40-50 per day). His doctoral research was on the following topics:
Influence of electromagnetic radiation of different ranges on the transmembrane
transport of Na+, K+, and Ca2+ ions in normal and tumour cells” and “Comparative
analysis of the influence of various factors in different combinations on the ionic
homeostasis of a cell”. These works guided him to a necessity to look and study
deeply the laws of quantum mechanics and their action on biologic cells.
   Here is a short address from Dr. G. Nadareishvili:
“Experiments managed a number of times, as well as practice, lead me to idea about
a possibility to rewrite and change genetic information in different quantities
depending on the requirements, as well as stimulate or inhibit biochemical processes
in the cell, using absolutely new approach. The results received prove the necessity
to actively develop and continue research projects using state of the art technologies
and technical achievements for deeper and evidence based knowledge. Theoretically
the research can result in transfer of humanity into an absolutely novel, original
understanding of pathologic bases of diseases and their possible treatment strategies.
Our pilot studies’ results prove enormous opportunities for the medicine of future.
   The mechanism of action of the new generation drugs lies in the bases and laws of
quantum physics. The methods are able to partially rewrite and add intra-atomic
information using extra-low energy electromagnetic waves. The potential of use of
the novel technology is almost unlimited, and considers all groups of biological
processes, on cells of any tissues and organisms. Theoretically the treatment
methods have no side effects, and practice has proven this, although further complex
designed clinical trials of different kinds are needed.
   According to the works of the Nobel Prize laureate Erwin Schrodinger and many
other great physics and biologists, it is more important to have a balance of energy in
cell, and increased amount of it actually leads to death and not lack of it. The amount
of energy is relevant to the distance of electrons from the atomic nucleus. When
there is too much energy in form of different electromagnetic fields accumulated and
concentrated in an atom, it can finally lead to changes on atomic, molecular and as a
result may influence all biochemical processes in the cell, including molecular biology
and genetics level. Each atom separately contains an enormous number of different
electromagnetic waves and vibrations. Each of them has its own important part. Our
research showed the possibility to influence each particular vibration and frequency
depending on the situation requirements. As a result of action on cells or in case of
such universal being as human - action on different biological organism systems,
health state of the organism improves greatly, reflected by many factors such as
immune or hormonal systems. Eventually this leads to such striking possibilities, as
prolongation of life, and as in case on studies on bees and separate bacterial cultures,
life duration can be increased by as much as 20-30% of the control groups.
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