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09-10-2012 Brussels, Belgium.                                                                                            
CAM Conference of Great Importance in European Parliament                         
GNCCAM Represented by Mr. Ilia Nadareishvili
Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Innovation and Added Value for
European Healthcare - a conference held in Brussels at the European Parliament on
9 October 2012. It was organised by
EUROCAM, the European Commission, EPHA
and some other organisations.
Our organization was represented by Mr. Ilia
Nadareishvili, who participated in all plenary and
working sessions, as well as attended the CAM
related exhibition and networking time. Mr. Ilia Nadareishvili actively participated in
two sessions:  “Evidence-base and effectiveness of Complementary and Alternative
Medicine” and “Innovative use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in
healthcare and public health systems”. New relations were established with the
representatives of various political, healthcare and scientific organizations. The
information and data received during the conference will be actively integrated into
the CAM system in Georgia. It was an event of great importance for our
organization as well as for the whole European healthcare system.
For the conference program, presentations and further details please visit the
following pages:
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