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მთავარი გვერდი
A Novel Approach to Disease Prevention and Treatment
George Nadareishvili MD, PhD Academician, Professor.
The processes which are taking places at the moment on our planet Earth (in all the
countries) , the economic and technologic development, the changes in nature and
environment, everything this acts negatively and catastrophically on flora and fauna,
including the bees.
Such processes as urbanization can not be stopped or even slowed. This must worry
the scientists of many different disciplines. The way of rehabilitation must be found,
first of all preventing the environmental pollution with any such agents as ionizing
and not ionizing radiation produced artificially by humans, air, soil and water
pollutants such as chemicals, heavy metals and many other toxic agents.
We have studied the present problems of the bee populations, and diseases which
have statistically become more frequent lately. It was concluded that the whole
overview of a living cell biological functions must be done.
After a number of the research project managed together with different scientific
institutions such as the Institute of Physiology, Genetics Department of the Tbilisi
State University, National Center of Ecology Research and others, it was concluded,
that the nanotechnologies and quantum mechanics can possibly modernize the
agricultural pharmacology, both for prevention and treatment of different diseases.
In this case the drugs are for bees.
The whole environment is full of uncountable number of different electromagnetic
and other radiation fields. The waves there have a number of known properties
which can be controlled by the novel technologies. The experimental research and
practice gave us opportunity to orderly stimulate or inhibit the biologic, biochemical
processes taking place in a living organism cell. The action can be pre-programmed,
and the effect is either the needed result or no effect at all, meaning that the drugs
of the new generation have no side effects at all.
Our biomedical technologies are based on the fundamental laws of quantum physics
and are potentially a completely new, revolutionary and safe approach to medicine,
veterinary and other spheres of use for treatment and prevention of diseases, both
classically known and newly discovered and not yet studied.
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